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In today´s world, cyber security is as important as ever. With ever growing threats to businesses, having a robust security solution is absolutely essential. We´ve all heard of companies paying huge ransoms or even going bankrupt simply because they hacked their databases. There are just too many threats to ignore the risks - it could cost you dearly. Prevention is key to preventing cyberattacks and protecting your business effectively.
This is not just about knowing the information from any ip address, but about protecting yourself from cyber attacks. After being attacked, the damage is already done. This is why prevention is better than cure!
For this reason we have developed a system to prevent attacks on websites via URLs or any input ( forms, searsch.. ).

Why cyber protection is important for every website?
Digital values require special protection. Cyber threats are constantly evolving and can have a devastating impact on your data.
Benefits of check-IP – A Smart Security Solution
Benefit from protection against cyberattacks via URL and benefit from the advantages of functions developed for better protection of your systems and data.
Decide quickly before it´s too late!
You get 24/7 monitoring and a partnership to help you implement your IT security team.

SQL injection attacks (SQLi)


What is a SQL injection attack?


SQL Injection, sometimes abbreviated as SQLi, is a type of vulnerability where an attacker uses a piece of Structured Query Language (SQL) code to manipulate a database and gain access to potentially important information. It is one of the most widespread and threatening types of attacks, as it can potentially be used to harm any web application or any website that uses an SQL database.

  • Authentication bypass
  • Drifting/theft of data
  • Modification or corruption of data
  • Deleting data
  • Execute arbitrary code
  • Access to the root level of the system

How dangerous is SQL injection?


Successful SQL injections can be disastrous for any organization or individual. Once sensitive data is compromised in an attack, full recovery can be difficult or impossible.

Databases are often the target of an injection via an application, e.g. a website that requests user input and searches a database for that input, but they can also be direct.

An SQL injection is the most common attack a developer is bound to experience. A single query can compromise a whole application. In an SQL injection attack, the attacker tries to alter the data written to the database via malicious queries.

What is script code injection?


A code injection attack takes advantage of a computer bug caused by processing invalid data. The attacker inserts (or injects) code into the vulnerable computer program and modifies its execution. Successful code injections can have serious consequences.

Code injection attacks follow a similar pattern of manipulating web application languages interpreted on the server. Typically, a code injection vulnerability consists of improper input validation and dynamic and dangerous user input evaluation.

How Often Does A Website Get Hacked?

There is a hacked website every 3 seconds. The reason for this growing risk of hacking is simple - attacks are becoming more sophisticated while basic security measures are not being followed.

Real-time list of latest 10 hackers-attacks

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Here are this month´s attacks on one of our websites


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Cyber Attacks

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Reduce the risk of attacks for your website by strengthening the security of access to all your pages and data.

Benefit from the continuous real-time analysis of the requests launched on each page of your website. An automatically generated defense protects your data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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check-IP allows you to quickly detect, analyze, investigate and respond to threats on your websites 24/7 protection
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